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France Discrimination against Muslims & Other Immigrants


France Discrimination against Muslims & Other Immigrants  

MUSLIM HERITAGE: A 1000 years of Science end Technology

1001 Inventions

Parution de la première édition du "Guide des Marocains résidant à l'étranger"

Rabat, 04/07/09- La première édition du Guide des Marocains résidant à l'étranger vient d'être publiée, et propose des informations utiles et des réponses aux questionnements des MRE dans différents domaines.


By DRISS TEMSAMANI first online recruitment website in Morocco

Join the first online recruitment website in Morocco: You are Moroccan, you have been living in America for many years and wish to come back home and find an appropriate job that matches your profile and expectations... is the solution to connect you back to your country! Morocco is particularly eager to recruit its highly-educated citizens who have studied abroad and have acquired specific skills to fulfill the market´s current needs for : - Graduates from International schools

Recipes of success & failure?

Yes we can. This now famous and much repeated slogan from the president elect of the USA and next 44th president, Barack Obama, is more than a campaign slogan. It denotes a long term strategy to get into the white house and make history as the first afro-american president.

Allal Boutajangout's contribution to a breakthrough in Alzheimer's disease vaccine development

NYU School of Medicine researchers have prevented the development of Alzheimer's disease in mice genetically engineered with the human gene for the disease using a new vaccine. The researchers are optimistic that this new vaccine is safer than one already being tested in early human clinical trials. Genetic Mutation Linked to a More Abundant Form of Alzheimer's Protein Allal Boutajangout, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine and Psychiatry at NYU Langone Medical Center

RESEARCH FUNDING: U.S. Biomedicine's Mother Ship Braces for Lab Closings

Jocelyn Kaiser
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